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Reconciling Society through Charity


About us

Bridges is a family of volunteers that promotes the initiative of each person in the work of personal and community reconciliation through effective fraternal service and genuine personal encounter.

We believe that the fulfilment of the human person is realised in the encounter of charity.  Hoping to create true unity in a society that is divided by diverse circumstances, we seek to facilitate the opportunity to live love.  We therefore look to create solutions for the volunteers and the needy in order to make a real difference.



Stories Written Together

Here are couple of our stories told by Bridges volunteers themselves!





The work

Building the Bridges

Through our various partnerships, the specific projects we offer share the common goal of reaching out to the human person, in his diverse, unique, and integral reality.

Community Infrastructure Projects in Shantytowns:

We aim to assist the poorest of the poor in helping to make a change in the shantytowns of Lima towards a more dignified way of living. We assist in specific projects such as construction of public staircases, retention walls, parks, community buildings, reparation of chapels and other similar services.

Visits to Schools for Children with Disabilities:

These schools seek to form and rehabilitate children and youth with motor and other physical disabilities. Our visits seek to meet the students in their condition and offer assistance in workshops.

Nursing Homes, Homeless Shelters & Hospital Visits:

These visits seek to offer all types of accompaniment to the elderly and those in Lima who are in most need. We look to attend to essential needs, promoting the integral good of the suffering human person.

Solidarity Mission Trips to Peruvian Highlands & Jungle:

Two-week volunteer experiences to assist impoverished communities in the Peruvian Andes and Jungle. Students help in solidarity work, receive talks on social justice and environmental issues, and do eco-tourism to develop environmental awareness, all within the natural beauty of Peru.



Join the adventure!

Year of Service

Starting in June of 2018 volunteers will have the opportunity to spend a year living in a foreign country serving others, living in community and being formed spiritually. 

We are accepting applications from young adults ages 18-28 who are interested in giving 6 months-1 year of their lives serving the poor of Peru and growing in their spiritual life. Missionaries will be living in community and working in numerous social projects throughout the city of Lima. Missionaries will have the opportunity to choose the service site that they wish to work at. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a description of work sites. 

Along with service work, the year also includes spiritual formation lead by the consecrated brother and sisters of the Christian Life Movement (CLM). The CLM is an ecclesiastical movement based in Lima Peru that is dedicated towards helping teach lay men and women on how to better live out the teachings of Christ in their everyday lives. Missionaries will take part in Theology classes during their time here as missionaries. This gives them a better understanding of the Catholic faith in order to enrich their lives, and the people they will serve on a daily basis. 

Saturday Volunteering: Every Saturday students from local high schools and universities are invited to take part in a service project in Pamplona. Fill out the form by clicking on the link below for more information. 

Click on the link below if you are interested in serving as a Bridges missionary, or volunteering on Saturdays.